Rouhani assures people of gov’t efforts to stabilise economy

Tehran (IP) - Iran's president اhas said that people should be confident in the government's efforts to stabilize the economy and know that it will spare no effort in protecting their livelihood and assets.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking on Tuesday at the 158th meeting of the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Board, Hassan Rouhani referred to the concerns of experts and economists about the amount of liquidity in society and the need to guide it to the path of production, saying: "The government, especially the economic board, has always been trying to adopt and implement policies and measures to control liquidity and direct it to the right path and production cycle."

The president described the plan of domestic sale of oil and its supply in the energy exchange as one of the plans based on people-centered economy and an effective measure in order to organize the capital and stock exchange market and an important step to counter the enemies' oil embargo, and referred to yesterday's meeting of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council of the Heads of Branches, expressing hope that the government would be able to implement this measure after the final approval and formulation of the implementation method.

Referring to the development of the economic roadmap by the board for the eighth year of government’s term of office and in order to bring about prosperity to people's livelihoods based on the slogan of the surge in production and improvement of the business environment, promotion of investment and employment, Rouhani said: "This roadmap is a coherent set of macro policies in various economic fields that have been designed and compiled for the next year so that the government can protect the economy from external shocks and create prosperity in people's lives and livelihoods while countering the economic war of the enemies and overcoming the problems caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.”

The president said that relying on domestic capacities and capabilities, liberalizing and activating semi-active economic capacities in the country and using public participation are important features of this program and said: "This roadmap creates coordination among all active economic sectors, and will draw a bright horizon for the country for the next year."   207/214

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