Jordan condemns Israel settlement building in occupied territories

Middle East (IP) - The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the Zionist Regime of Israel's plans to build more than 1,000 units in the occupied east of al-Quds.

Iran Press/Asia: Jordan's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Daifallah Fayez on Monday described the Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories as a violation of international law and Security Council resolutions and a unilateral move to undermine the two-state solution under international law.

Stressing that the Zionists must stop all illegal activities related to settlement, construction, development, and land confiscation, Fayez said the Israeli settlement policy destroys the solution opportunities of the two governments and deepens despair and hopelessness and increases tensions.

Following the announcement of the US' so-called peace plan 'Deal of the Century', Israel has intensified its invasion against Palestinians and increased its settlement building in the occupied territories.

According to the US-Israel plan, al-Quds will be handed over to Israel and Palestinian refugees in other countries will have no right to return and Palestine will only own the remaining lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


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