Thousands of residents of occupied al-Quds gathered in front of the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to demand his resignation.

Iran PressMiddle East: Thousands of opponents of Netanyahu rallied in front of his residence in occupied Jerusalem on Thursday night to protest the Israeli cabinet's handling of the Coronavirus crisis and its laws.

Israeli forces attacked the protesters and arrested five of them.

In recent days, thousands of Tel Aviv residents have protested against the poor economic situation in the city center.

Demonstrators held placards reading "Corruption, bribery and Fraud" to protest the poor economic conditions and to fight corruption.

According to a poll conducted by Israel's Channel 12, 58% of Israelis are dissatisfied with the performance of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The easing of restrictions on countering COVID-19 in the occupied territories in recent days has led to an upward trend in infected statistics as Netanyahu said in response to its rise: "We rushed to reopen businesses."

According to the latest statistics, about 58,000 people in Israel have been infected with the Coronavirus, of which 442 have died.


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