Tehran (IP) - In a telephone conversation with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, President Hassan Rouhani called on the country and the European Union to fulfill their obligations against the US' illegal actions.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said in a telephone conversation with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Tuesday that all countries should put human relations at the forefront of their actions and counter hostile policies, added, "Many Spanish citizens have died from coronavirus and I express my condolences for the loss."

He also added: "Unfortunately, in these very difficult circumstances, the United States continues to tighten its sanctions against Iran and has even prevented the import of drugs."

Referring to Iran's request for a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to fight the coronavirus, Rouhani said: "The United States also opposes the payment of this loan and Iran expects the European Union and Spain to take a stand against this illegal act."

The Iranian president also welcomed the Spanish prime minister's proposal to resume talks between the two countries' foreign ministers to discuss important bilateral and international issues, including the implementation of the JCPOA.

"If the other countries fulfill all their obligations, Tehran will also abide by its obligations," Rouhani noted.

The Spanish Prime Minister also stressed that the US sanctions have had a severe impact on the Iranian economy and the health of the people, especially during this difficult period, and that Spain and the European Union do not agree with these sanctions.

Expressing sympathy with the Iranian people for the coronavirus, Sanchez said, "In addition to concerns about the health of the people, there are deep concerns about the economic crisis that Spain will face in the future."


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