Iran\'s Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman reacted to the allegations made by some uninformed people about the return of Iranian students from Italy, emphasizing the full coordination of the Iranian government and its bodies in the fight against coronavirus and reducing its detrimental impacts and consequences.

Iran PressIran NewsSeyyed Abbas Mousavi said that all citizens of the country must comply with the regulations and health protocols of the Ministry of Health in all circumstances, adding: "The Foreign Ministry has no involvement in the implementation of health protocols."

"One of the missions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs after the outbreak of coronavirus and the suspension of flights or the closure of many borders is the transfer of Iranian interested in returning to the country, including students, that has done through intensive consultation with relevant officials and in close coordination with the Ministry of Health and airlines," Seyyed Abbas Mousavi noted. 

Mousavi recalled the cancellation of Iran Air flight from Rome to Tehran on Friday which was to return the Iranian compatriots and students from Italy and said: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome are currently consulting with the officials of the Ministry of Health and Iran Air to make another flight from Rome, and two flights from Milan to Tehran."

He added: "Obviously, after the transfer of compatriots to the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has no involvement in the implementation of health protocols, and in principle, such an important matter is not in the scope of duties and missions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman added.

Mousavi stressed: "The Ministry of Health is responsible for protecting the lives and health of the Iranian people, and all citizens of the country must comply with the regulations and health protocols of that ministry in all circumstances."

Meanwhile, Iran's Embassy in Italy announced in a statement on Friday that the extraordinary Rome-Tehran flight under the No. 738 will be operated late on Friday if the passengers fill in health declaration letters.

The statement has called on the passengers to attend the airport on time so that the flight will take off at scheduled time after administrative and health formalities are carried out.

All the passengers should fill in health declaration letters provided in Iran Embassy's telegram channel and hand it out in exit points, it said.

Passengers avoiding delivering the signed forms will be prevented from boarding on the plane which is scheduled to take off at 21:00 local time, the statement added.


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