US bullying will soon make difficulties for other countries: Mousavi

Tehran (IP) - Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said: "We want other countries not to be associated with American bullying, and this depends on the level of political and economic power and the courage of these countries to be able to stand up to American bullying.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman in his Monday’s video press conference said: Today, these sanctions are against Iran and some independent countries. The continued bullying of the United States will eventually affect other countries if this unilateralism continues.

"We witness that the Americans have not shown mercy to their friends and allies, and any financial or spiritual assistance by the United States to impose sanctions on other countries will one day affect them" spokesman said, noting that we warn the international community to be provident and to stop American unilateralism because sooner or later it will come to them.

Our policy is not to ask for help from the US

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that Iran does not recognize the US sanctions and calls for lifting them.

Mousavi said, “The President and the Foreign Minister have stated that Iran does not accept these sanctions and they are illegal. FM Zarif wrote a letter to the UN Secretary-General and his counterparts, and the International Court of Justice voted to oblige the United States to lift at least some humanitarian sanctions. These show that Iran has made its request, but they are looking for excuses.”

Mousavi further said "Our policy is not to ask for help from the US. What we saw was that they wanted to seize this opportunity to bring Iran to the negotiating table. If they mean that we did not have an official request to lift the sanctions, the actions were taken by Iran and the demands of our officials from the organizations and the UN Secretary-General, and the interim decision of the International Court of Justice show that Iran does not recognize the US sanctions and calls for lifting them.”

INSTEX is an Instrument for European to fulfill their commitments

Referring to INSTEX (Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges), he said, as we have said many times, the INSTEX is a prelude to European countries fulfilling their other obligations. They set up INSTEX to fulfill their 11 commitments. In fact, INSTEX is a platform that lasted a year.

Mousavi said that the Europeans had recently made a transaction of several hundred thousand euros, which was pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran expects other commitments to be made. Exchanges and communications can also be through INSTEX. We take this as a sign of good luck, but it is not all the commitment of the Europeans.

Return of Iranian students from Italy

Regarding the return of Iranian students from Italy and other countries to Iran after the Corona outbreak, he said, "Consultations have been made with the Italian Foreign Ministry and embassies and the necessary permissions have been issued, but a number of rules must be issued by flights. Hundreds of people from Italy have announced their readiness to return to the country and if possible, we hope to return the first group of Iranian students in the next few days.”


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