Tehran (IP) - On the sideline of the cabinet meeting on Sunday, the President visited the Exhibition on Domestic Achievements and Capabilities of the ministries of 'Industry, Mines and Trade', and 'Defense and Armed Forces Logistics' in the field of combatting and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Iran Press/Iran news:  During the visit, Hassan Rouhani was briefed by the ministers of 'Industry' and 'Defense' and the Vice-President for Science and Technology and the managers of a number of knowledge-based companies present at the exhibition about the latest achievements and measures are taken to prevent and combat with Coronavirus.

At the exhibition, some of the "Iran-Made" products and equipment in the field of dealing with Coronavirus have been exhibited, including a ventilator, which is used as the most important device in ICU rooms for lung and COVID-19 patients.

Oxygen generators, nano-mask paper makers, personal health-care products and disinfectants, Coronavirus test kits, thermal scanner cameras, vital signs monitors, and hospital protective gowns were some of the other "Iran-Made" products and achievements on display at the exhibition.

During the event president, President Rouhani said," The government's attention to the development of the country's infrastructure in three areas of health and treatment, cyberspace and knowledge-based companies has caused us to face fewer problems in Iran due to the presence of experts and compassionate scientists, while many countries in the world in health and Advanced equipment have difficulty coping with Corona disease.

"With the development of knowledge-based companies to produce many goods and equipment that we previously needed to import, we have become self-sufficient and produce domestically, and this has created a large economic market for our country while saving currencies," the President added.

Today, also in another ceremony, top Adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for International Affairs said Shahid Beheshti University managed to produce Favipiravir medicine.

Top Adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati said on Sunday 5 April that Favipiravir medicine received an ethics committee approval and after observing legal procedures was sent to Massih Daneshvari Hospital to treat COVID-19 disease patients.

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Exhibition on Domestic Achievements and Capabilities  in the field of combatting and preventing the spread of coronavirus