Tehran (IP)- High Council on Human Rights in a statement explained the "illusion of Western human rights" and the "truth of human dignity" during the Coronavirus period.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a statement, the Iranian High Council on Human Rights explained the "illusion of Western human rights" and the "truth of human dignity" during the Coronavirus period.

As the UN has stated Iran is an exemplary country in guaranteeing the health rights of prisoners and reducing the prison population.

The High Council on Human Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement explaining the "illusion of Western human rights" and the "truth of Islamic human dignity" in ensuring the right to health of prisoners during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has once again lifted the curtain and removed the fake mask of human rights protection from the anti-human face of Western governments, especially the US, and proved to all people that nothing is worthwhile, not even the right to life of their own citizens against the interests of the capitalists in liberal systems.

From the beginning of the discovery and identification of Coronavirus, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken extensive measures to control and manage the spread of the virus to protect all citizens, including several million foreign nationals residing in Iran.

Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran based on its responsibility in the light of religious teachings to expand justice and to protect human dignity since the outbreak of Coronavirus in three areas has taken measures: "Dealing with hoarders of health and medical devices related to viruses", "Preventing visitors to the courts from infection" and "preventing coronavirus outbreaks in prisons",  as well as alleviating the mind to their families.

In the meantime, the initiative to grant furlough to about 100,000 prisoners is one of the most unprecedented actions of the judiciary in the world, and Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, acknowledged this and welcomed the action of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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