Moscow (IP) - Iran's Ambassador to Russia and Russia's Deputy Health Minister talked on Monday about the latest updates of the coronavirus outbreak in the two countries.

Iran PressIran news: Kazem Jalali, in a video conference, referred to the threat of coronavirus at the international level, saying containing and eliminating the virus requires the cooperation between all countries.

Speaking about the taken actions by Iran in fighting with the coronavirus outbreak, Jalali underlined the humanitarian aids from other countries, especially the Russian Federation, in this regard.

Russia's Deputy Health Minister, Vladimir Oyba called Iranian medical staff "national heroes and soldiers at the frontline" and noted that Iran's steps were "brave and strong."

"Russia's Health Minister is ready for any kind of cooperation with Iran's healthcare system," Oyba stressed.

Coronavirus has been recognized as COVID-19, and its first epicenter was Wuhan in China.

The virus has been spread now into more than 190 other countries around the world.

According to the latest statistics, more than 378,000 people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus, of which 16,000 have died and more than101,000 have recovered.


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