The head of Yemen’s Revolution High Committee held the Saudi-led coalition accountable for the possible infection of the Yemeni people with Coronavirus.

Iran Press/Middle East: Mohammad Ali al-Houthi said the invader countries to Yemen intentionally ignore caution measures, including quarantine, against Coronavirus, letting four flights in to Yemen in such a critical situation.

The Spokesman for Yemen’s Health Ministry Yousef al-Hadheri said Mansour Hadi’s resigned government, by its blind measures, again brings death to the country.

"Mansour Hadi’s resigned government has increased the number of flights from Jordan and Egypt to Yemen in Aden and Seiyun Airports, which is a dangerous act with regards to the outbreak of Coronavirus," the spokesman noted.

Earlier also, the Yemeni Health Minister had announced that UAE tries to dispatch its corona-infected patients and those suspected to the infection to isolated rooms in the Yemeni port cities of Aden and al-Mokha.


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