Ardabil (IP) - President Hassan Rouhani said Iran's oil revenues would have been $100 billion more in the last two years if all signatory states had remained within JCPOA and there were no sanctions against Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking in an inauguration ceremony of water projects in Ardabil on Wednesday President Rouhani addressed Western countries, especially the United States and said, "You are not superior to the Iranian nation. We respect the American nation, but we strongly protest and condemn the US administration, but at the same time we are announcing to you that there is a way back."

"We are in a difficult situation with regards to sanctions, but we must all be involved in the development and prosperity of the country," he added according to Iran Press.

"If there were not the US conspiracy and our enemies', our oil revenues in the last two years would have been 100 billion dollars more than they are today. With that much money, we could have initiated a lot of projects," Rouhani noted. 

"At the same time, in those two years, we could have raised another 100 billion dollars from other countries, but a conspiracy was plotted against Iran to bring us to our knees, which is impossible and futile. The US has to navigate to the starting point, they must not continue this wrong way, they must return to the nuclear deal (JCPOA), and only then can we negotiate," the president outlined.

"Our nation hopes that there will be no failure until the day when there is hope. We continue the path of development despite sanctions", Rouhani noted.

In another part of his remarks, Hassan Rouhani pointed to the need to boost tourism in the province and in Iran as a whole, saying: "We should use the dams in Ardabil to attract tourists, along with the hot springs that exist in this province and by privatizing them, hopefully, we shall help the local economy."


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