Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said following Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is the only way for Muslims to stand against the aggression and discord-sowing attempts of the US, the Zionist Regime, and the regional reactionaries.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in today's meeting with the State officials and guests of the 33rd International Conference on Islamic Unity in Tehran concurrent with the birthday anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Sadiq (AS), attended by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Rouhani went on to add: "In this blessed day, which is the birthday of the Prophet, we pray God for unity and brotherhood in World of Islam to be able to achieve great victory against all kinds of oppression and aggression".

"In the era that women were considered second-class citizens and a bloody war was going on between different tribes, religions, and branches, a man raised a voice that was different from all voices of the time and brought a book, wisdom, and scale that was different from the previous ones," he said.

He also underlined that the great Prophet of Islam brought everyone together; from black, white, Arab and non-Arab to women, men, the poor and the rich, they were all the same.

Stating that to the Prophet, everyone is equal before the law, he continued, "Except for the Quran, which was his heavenly miracle, the Prophet brought another great miracle and he showed the world the greatest social and virtuous miracle in the society with his ethics".

Iran not seeking to establish an empire

"We do not want to conquer any land and to be like an empire; what we want in the region is brotherhood, unity, and obedience to the Prophet", Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said in his remarks on Friday at the meeting of authorities and the guests of the Thirty-third International Islamic Unity Conference with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Rouhani added, "He made a covenant with the help of his political miracle and signed a peace treaty that was higher than tens and hundreds of wars, and God granted the Prophet with the medal of victory in that peace, not in war, as the verse in Quran says, “We have granted you a conspicuous victory"”.

The President went on to say that with his miracle of the Book, wisdom, ethics, and politics, the Prophet brought a new civilization to the world, adding, "Today we, as followers of the Prophet, are looking to build a government based on his model, not looking for an empire”.

Islamic Revolution essence of Iran's influence in the region

Rouhani emphasized, "Our influence in the region is not due to our military strength and scientific and geographical capabilities and strategic geographical position. Our influence is due to the Islamic Revolution and its influence that has captured hearts".

"We believe in a revolution that promotes Islam and the moralities of the Prophet; and today that people in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, and etc. feel close to Iran is because of the attraction and message of the Islamic Revolution that is on the path of the Prophet of Islam,” the president added.

Rouhani noted, "Our children went to Iraq and Syria as advisers and sacrificed their lives to fighting terrorism alongside the nations”.

Stating that being Persian or Arab is not a privilege and our privilege is following the Prophet, he continued, “Our main privilege is to follow the messenger of God. We do not want to conquer any land and to be like an empire; what we want in the region is brotherhood, unity, and obedience to the Prophet”.205/204

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