As the world opens back up in post-coronavirus, it is better to try healthy food in the upcoming new year.

Iran Press/Europe: With many of us still working from home over the past year, we looked to find an easy and quick but healthy way to boost our immunity, so here are some suggestions that you can keep up with, according to NBC news' Today:

Bottoms up on functional drinks

The pandemic has heightened our interest in wellness overall and beverages are a quick and easy way to infuse healthy ingredients into your day. That’s why so many of us are popping open bottles and cans of functional beverages that promise benefits ranging from gut health to better sleep to a happier outlook. 


Plant-based options have exploded in recent years, which we’ve reported on before. What’s new is that so many Americans want to buy and use those products, even though they’re not going vegan. And the alternative meats are getting better, healthier, and more like the protein, they are aiming to replace.

Fruity vinegar

The use of the original fruit vinegar, apple cider vinegar (ACV), as a health tonic has seen an explosion in growth in recent years. It helps to aid weight loss and stabilize blood sugar. 

Plus trying these trends, it is better to keep eating as natural as possible to stay healthy, of course implementing the hygienic protocols to avoid coronavirus.

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