The resigned US Secretary of Justice rejected any need to appoint a special adviser to investigate allegations of tax irregularities in the president-elect's son, stating that in the election he had seen no evidence of widespread electoral fraud.

Iran PressAmerica: William Barr, who resigned over his opposition to Trump, made the remarks at his latest news conference on Monday during the appointment of the Special Adviser on Electoral Fraud or Tax Investigation investigating Hunter Biden son of US President-elect Joe Biden.

Stating that he sees no reason to do so, he added: "Hunter research should be done responsibly and professionally."

The Associated Press also said it had told them earlier in the day that it had seen no evidence of widespread electoral fraud, despite US President Donald Trump's false claims.

Trump has continued to make baseless allegations even after Biden's official victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump has accused Biden's son of corruption and tax evasion for the past two years.

The court is investigating the matter and no verdict has been issued so far. Joe Biden has repeatedly denied reports of his son's business outside the United States.