US (IP) – Indiana University announced on Friday that the state police arrested 33 students during the anti-Israeli movements.

Iran PressAmerica:  According to the statement, the students were detained because they refused to remove the tents they set up for the anti-Israeli sit-in. 

The US students' anti-Israeli protests at several universities across the country are intensifying as they protest the Israeli war on Gaza war and the White House's supportive policies to the war.

Last night, police stormed into the Ohio University; The videos getting viral on social media show that the police use force to detain the protesting students, asking them to leave the campus.

On Thursday, police reported the arrest of students in Boston and Los Angeles universities. 

Also, over 130 students were arrested at the New York University campus during pro-Palestinian protests as student demonstrations continued in the US over the Israel-American genocide in Gaza.

The students call on the universities to stop their cooperation with any company involved in assisting Israel's military war on Gaza.Students have set up tents on the campuses of some universities for round-the-clock sit-ins.

The protest gatherings are coordinated by student organizations. 


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