London(IP)- Coinciding the movements around the European Union to return to the path of diplomacy with Iran, the Deputy Secretary-general of the European External Action Service and the EU Coordinator of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA) Commission, described the 2015 nuclear agreement as the best option regarding Iran's nuclear case.

Iran PressEurope: According to Iran Press, Enrique Mora published a message on Twitter on Friday and wrote: "For the EU, #JCPOA is the best possible, if not the only, framework to address the legitimate non-proliferation concerns of the international community on the Iranian nuclear program."

Last Wednesday, Mora met Ali Bagheri Kanni, Iran's Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Doha (Qatar), and wrote in a tweet that the two sides discussed a wide range of bilateral, regional, and international issues, including the ways forward for the JCPOA negotiations and also a solution related to the field they talked about the Persian Gulf.

Bagheri also posted a picture of this meeting and tweeted: "Had a serious and constructive meeting within Doha. We exchanged views and discussed a range of issues including negotiations on sanctions lifting."

The representatives of the European Troika also met with Bagheri last week for the second time after the break in the sanctions-lifting negotiations, which have been suspended since last September due to the procrastination of the American side in making political decisions. The same team also held a meeting in Oslo last April.

This is while the change of some of the positions around Europe, the signs of which can be seen in the cancellation of the conference of the MKO terrorist outfit in Paris and the raiding of the prison of this notorious outfit by the Albanian police, shows traces of the West's regret and a kind of plea for the continuation of the path of diplomacy and negotiations which Last fall, risked it by playing role in the unrest in Iran which led to the destruction of the issue.

After months of intense diplomatic talks, the sanctions-lifting negotiations have been delayed due to factors such as inconsistency in behavior, delay in decision-making, extravagance, and new requests from the United States.

Ebrahim Raisi, the president of Iran, stated in this connection that the interactions with Iran are based on fair and honorable behavior. He stated that the JCPOA negotiations are not the only ones on the 13th government agenda and pointed out that if the West's behavior towards Iran is corrected, the negotiations will continue and the results will be reached.


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