Middle East (IP) - Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian shops in the old part of Al-Khalil this Wednesday.

Iran PressMiddle East: Zionist settlers attacked Palestinian houses in Al-Khalil according to Palestine Information Center.

Emad Hamdan, director general of the Al-Khalil City Development Committee, said: " The occupying settlers, supported by the Zionist military, destroyed 5 shops in the famous "Raish" market near the mosque. They destroyed al-Saniyyah in the old part of Al-Khalil.

Since 25 years ago, the Israeli army has completely surrounded this area and separated it from other areas of Al-Khalil, and Palestinians are not allowed to travel in this area, but on the other hand, the occupying settlers can freely enter this area.

The Zionist regime is trying to confiscate the lands of these shops and build dozens of residential units there for the settlers.

Meanwhile, the Zionist army announced that after assessing the security situation and the advice of political circles, it has been decided that security measures will be tightened throughout the West Bank and adjacent areas of Gaza from next Monday to Wednesday on the occasion of the so-called "independence" anniversary will be implemented and all crossings in these areas will be closed.


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