The Chinese government reacted to the new US sanctions to facilitate the sale of Iranian oil and oil products.

Iran PressAsia: The US Treasury announced in a statement on Thursday evening that it has put 10 companies and one ship on the sanctions list under the pretext of facilitating the export of Iranian oil. Four of the sanctioned companies are based in China.

He further emphasized: "It is necessary for the American side to abandon the wrong practice of resorting to sanctions at any stage and to take more measures to wrap up the negotiations of the JCPOA."

The new US sanctions have been imposed in a situation where the government of Joe Biden claims that he intends to provide the necessary grounds for his country's return to the JCPOA nuclear agreement through negotiations.

In recent months, the officials of Joe Biden's government have repeatedly admitted the failure of the maximum pressure policy and said that they intend to return to the JCPOA; but so far, they have refused to take the necessary measures to return to this agreement.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a responsible country, has repeatedly stated that given that the United States has been a party to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action violation (JCPOA), it is Washington that must return to the agreement with the lifting of sanctions and that the US commitments must be verified. 219

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