Tehran (IP) – Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran announced that Tehran is making efforts to launch a direct train from China to Iran.

Iran PressIran News: "We are trying to launch a direct train from China to Iran, which is a positive sign in the framework of supporting and strengthening membership in the Shanghai Organization for the transit and transportation sector," Amin Taraffo from the Iranian roads ministry stated in an interview with IRNA.

Noting that Iran and the SCO member states are members of a similar transport framework, he pointed out that being an SCO member could pave the way for increasing trade capacity between countries and cooperation in transport frameworks.

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The Iranian official added that trade capacity between countries increases when transportation and transit grow.

Tarafo explained that there are two-way land and rail connections with other countries besides China and said: "In relation to increasing cooperation with China, we are trying to launch the direct train from China to Iran, which will originate from Shanghai."

"If this happens in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, all areas of transportation, including multilateral and bilateral transit, will be strengthened," he concluded.


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