Tehran(IP)- The head of the Fraction of Supporting the Resistance Front and Liberation of Quds says that supporting the oppressed is the cause the Islamic Revolution pursues.

Iran PressIran News: The Conference of (the Parliamentary) Fraction Supporting The Resistance Front and Liberation of Quds to Express Solidarity with Children of the Axis of Resistance was held on August 1, 2022, with Iranian officials, parliamentarians, and ambassadors in attendance. 

Speaking at the conference, Ahmad Hossein Fallahi stated that during the past years, there was a lot of oppression on the nations of the resistance and Islamic countries, which had no supporters, so the Islamic Revolution took place, and one of its goals became to support the oppressed in every part of the world.

  Fallahi noted: The world has been witnessing crimes against the countries in the region, such as Syria, which were carried out by the world's arrogant powers; The West admitted that they studied more than 80 countries to form the Takfiri terrorist group ISIS to act against the regional nations, though its attempts foundered.

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He continued: The oppressed Palestinians have been enduring the Zionist regime's atrocities for more than 70 years, and in the meantime, the Palestinian children have been martyred and even imprisoned by the regime.

The official added: It is also unfortunate to see that those claiming to be Muslims, like Saudi Arabia, support the Zionist regime even in Yemen to massacre them.

 According to their admissions, he also declared that the Zionist regime was waiting to celebrate its 80th rule, but their rule will be deeply destroyed. 

 Appreciating the Islamic Republic of Iran for supporting the Resistance axis, the top Iraqi MP condemned US-backed terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. They massacre the people of the region especially children.

Majid Ghamas (Abu Aref) stressed the unity and solidarity of Resistance countries to stand against the arrogant powers.


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