Bushehr (IP): The ambassador of Bangladesh to Iran called for the expansion of cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

Iran PressIran news: Bangladesh's ambassador to Iran, Gousal Azam Sarker, met with Bushehr Governor Ahmad Mohammadizadeh in southern Iran, referring to the friendly and cordial relations and cooperation between the two countries in recent years, adding: "Bushehr province can play an important role in this cooperation."

Mohammadizadeh also stated that the daily needs of Bangladesh in the energy sector are increasing and considering that Bushehr province is a transit point for pipelines, reservoirs, and oil exports, he suggested that the Bangladesh government, in cooperation with the Iranian Ministry of Oil, build an oil and gas refinery. Participate in Bushehr and meet the needs of his country for gas condensate and its products.

The governor of Bushehr added: "Considering the important economic, agricultural, aquaculture and petrochemical production capacities, this province is ready for economic and trade cooperation with Bangladesh investors."


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