Tehran (IP)- The President stressed the need for continued cooperation and effective coordination of the government's economic team to calm the market and stabilize prices.

Iran PressIran News:  Speaking on Tuesday night in a meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, referring to the need to create calm in the market and stabilize food prices, saying, "Establishing such conditions can be the result of effective cooperation and coordination of the government's economic team."

The President said, "It is necessary for all ministers, heads of organisations and governor-generals to take serious steps to compensate for this year's budget deficit, and failure to transfer surplus property is not accepted."In this meeting, the Statistics Centre of Iran's report on reducing the monthly inflation rate and stabilizing the price of food items in recent weeks was presented.

During the meeting, after discussing the report of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, decisions were made on executive guarantees and funding for the 1401 budget.


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