Israel's airstrikes on Gaza Strip continued Sunday killing nearly 200 Palestinians including innocent women and children despite pro-Palestinian protesters marched in major cities around the world.

Iran PressMiddle East: On the seventh day of the fire exchange, three buildings in Gaza collapsed and at least 42 people were killed in what is now the deadliest single attack since fighting began a week ago.

More than 195 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since last Monday, including dozens of children. Thousands more in Gaza are now homeless as a result of the Israeli airstrikes.

The Israeli military said Sunday that it destroyed the home of Yahiyeh Sinwar, one of Hamas' top officials.

The airstrikes on Sunday also led to a large crater in the main road that leads to Gaza's largest hospital.

This is while UN Secretary-General António Guterres merely said what is happening is "utterly appalling" and called for an immediate end to the fighting.

"This latest round of violence only perpetuates the cycles of death, destruction, and despair, and pushes farther to the horizon any hopes of coexistence and peace," Guterres said. "Fighting must stop. It must stop immediately."

Guterres reiterated UN calls for a ceasefire, saying there has already been "unconscionable death, immense suffering and damage to vital infrastructure."

Pope Francis also called for an end to the fighting on Sunday, saying the deaths of innocent people, including children, are "unacceptable."