Dep. commander:

Deputy Commander of Iran's Army Air Force said that one of the army's honors is the use of home-made equipment in the 'Fadaiyan Hareem Velayat' drills, which were made by domestic experts in the Ministry of Defense, Army Air Force, and universities.

Iran PressIran News: In an interview with IP on Monday on the sideline of 'Fadaiyan Hareem Velayat' (The Devotees of the Velayat Sanctuary), Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi said that the ministry of defense supplies the military equipment according to the missions and threats.

Gen. Vahedi said in the drills, just a small part of the air force capabilities was used, including fighter aircraft, the fighter-bomber, long-range fighter-bomber, and adding that the predetermined goals achieved during the drills. 

"Utilizing youngers and the domestic equipment was the greatest turning point of the army air force in the exercise," the commander said.

Stating that the exercise conveys Iran's message of peace, kindness, friendship, and help to the world, the army commander added that Iran's military doctrine is defensive, seeking no expansionist policy but strongly confronting any threat.  

The main stage of the ninth phase of the annual aerial drills, with the name of "Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat," and with the holy codename "Ya Sadeq Al-Mohammad (AS)" began in Isfahan, central Iran.


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