Tehran (IP): The preacher of Friday prayers in Tehran said that the message of the magnificent burial procession of the martyrs of service in different cities of Iran signaled the renewal of the allegiance to the Islamic system, gratitude to those who served, unity and empathy, together with the success of diplomacy and governorship, which was part of the message of the presence of millions of people in this ceremony.

Iran PressIran news: Seyed Ahmad Khatami, Tehran Friday prayers Leader  expressed his condolences on the martyrdom of martyrs of service  and added that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution praised the martyred president with the best expressions:

"Khadim al-Reza,  A scholar, steadfast, competent, noble, selfless, popular president, hardworking, non-stop serving the people, a beloved president who never got tired and his taking offense from the ungratefulness and taunts of ill-wishers did not stop his efforts to advance the affairs of the country and serve the people."

Ayatollah Khatami said, taunts to the martyred president "Syed Ebrahim Raisi" did not stop him from trying to serve the people. In addition, not only the enemies of the Islamic system were active against him in cyberspace, but he even heard taunts from some friends inside, but he did not give a damn and continued to serve.

The Friday prayer Leader in Tehran stated that the presence of millions of people in the funeral procession of the martyrs of the service was thanks to the servicemen and showed the unity and empathy of the Iranian people to the world once again.

The helicopter carrying Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, the eighth president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, suffered an air accident on Sunday evening (May 19) on the way back from the opening ceremony of the "Qiz Qalasi" dam to the city of Tabriz, in Varzghan region of East Azarbaijan province, northwest of Iran.

The President along with "Hossein Amir-Abdollahian", Minister of Foreign Affairs, Islam "Syed Muhammad Ali Al Hashem", the representative of Leader and Friday prayer Imam of Tabriz, "Malik Rahmati", the Governor General of East Azerbaijan, and Brigadier General "Syed Mehdi Mousavi", the commander of the presidential security unit, and a number of crew members were all martyred.204

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