TEHRAN (IP) — The Iranian Army showcased its latest breakthrough in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology during a large-scale drone exercise. The joint drill, which featured an array of UAVs, introduced the world to the Kaman 19 (Bow 19) drone and the Shahid Jalilvand medium-range radar system.

Iran PressIran news: The unveiling of the Kaman 19 marks a significant milestone in Iran's UAV capabilities. Brigadier General Alireza Sheikh, Spokesman for the Joint Drone Exercise, announced that the drone would now officially become part of the Iranian Army's arsenal following its debut in the military exercise.

This expansive drill, which spanned across Iran from the southern Persian Gulf to the northern regions, demonstrated the prowess of the Kaman-class UAV. These drones are equipped with a wide range of combat, optical, and electronic warfare systems, rendering them ideally suited for special operations.

Notably, the exercise showcased the proficiency of electronic warfare units from all four army units. The successful implementation of electronic warfare methods, coupled with air base disruption operations, underscored Iran's commitment to maintaining a robust defense capability.

In addition to the drone operations, the exercise featured patrol and reconnaissance missions conducted by drones along Iran's borders, highlighting the nation's dedication to monitoring and safeguarding its territorial integrity.

Shahid Jalilvand medium-range radar system enters operational phase 

Furthermore, in a recent development, the Shahid Jalilvand medium-range radar system entered its operational phase during the exercise.

This advanced radar system, designed and produced domestically, enhances Iran's ability to detect and identify aerial threats in the medium range, including micro-bird targets with low cross-sections. With features like three-dimensional target detection, quick tactical responses, and integration into the air defense network, Shahid Jalilvand represents a significant leap in Iran's air defense capabilities.

Iranian drones are being tested in seven border areas

During the army's UAV exercise, the Commander of Iran's ground forces emphasized the importance of recognizing and assessing the capabilities of Iran-made UAVs to effectively use them for different missions in border areas.

The 1402 Drone Exercise of Iran's Army started early on Tuesday with the participation of nearly 200 drones across the country.

Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari, Commander of the Iranian Army's Ground Force, discussed the objectives of the Drone Exercise. According to him, the exercise aimed to assess the capabilities of UAVs built by Iranian engineers and learn how to effectively use them for different types of missions. Improving the understanding of UAVs and their capabilities was one of the main goals of the exercise.

The army's ground forces commander reported that during the exercise, they utilized drones like Arash and Ababil, which successfully reached their maximum range. Moreover, the guidance systems demonstrated great performance in recognizing potential border threats and in the offensive maneuvers executed on the exercise's opening day.

Brigadier General Heydari stated: In the exercise, the ground forces of the Islamic Republic tested their drones in seven border provinces of Iran.


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