Tehran (IP) - The commander of the army's Air Force Aziz Nasirzadeh has said that with the unmanned combat aerial vehicles built and upgraded by the Ministry of Defense, the combat power, identification and the air missions of the armed forces will be enhanced.

Iran Press/Iran News: Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh on Saturday at the handover ceremony of unmanned combat aircraft to the army, which was attended by Minister of Defense Brigadier General Amir Hatami, said: "Today's strategy of Iran’s Air Force is to expand the use of drones."

Nasirzadeh added: "Upgrading, indigenization, and production of unmanned combat aerial vehicles is an important and effective achievement in the field of aviation, and these aircraft are very advanced and up-to-date in carrying, identification, combat, auto-landing, and auto-takeoff. "

"Aviation achievements in the field of unmanned combat aerial vehicles and drones will greatly increase our combat capability and missions," he said.

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