Tehran (IP) - The celebrations of the Ten-Day Fajr ceremonies or decade of dawn will begin tomorrow in different parts of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Heshmatullah Ghanbari, the head of the Headquarters of Commemoration of Fajr Celebration, revealed the plans for the upcoming event at a press conference on Wednesday.

He announced that in addition to the celebrations within the country, various programs have also been prepared for Iranians residing abroad.

Ghanbari announced that 28 committees have been established to organize the ceremony in all 31 provinces, utilizing all available resources.

The  Fajr decade is a ten-day celebration of Ruhollah Khomeini's return to Iran in 1979. The annual celebration is held between 1 and 11 February.

Its beginning coincides with the date of Late Imam Khomeini's arrival and ends with the victory of the Iranian Revolution, a day called Islamic Revolution's Victory Day or 22 of Bahman.


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