Tehran (IP) - One of Iran's most significant achievements in missiles is the Emad ballistic missile, which was unveiled in October 2016. At the time of its unveiling, this liquid-fueled missile was one of the first Iranian long-range missiles with a new warhead equipped with steering blocks for flight and error correction in the final stage.

Iran PressIran news: Emad is a high-level surface-to-surface missile with unique potentials. Also, about the name of this missile, some Lebanese media stated the reason for naming the most accurate long-range missile in Iran in honor of the martyr Emad Mughniyeh.

Ability to attack aircraft carriers

The Islamic Republic of Iran has identified the US Navy and aircraft carriers as a severe threat and has taken various measures to counter it. One of the measures in this regard is to increase the range and accuracy of ballistic missiles to keep US aircraft carriers off the coast of Iran.

Their position must be identified to intercept fixed targets, and then the missile fired at the targets. Still, in cases such as an aircraft carrier on which the target is moving, one must first intercept and predict the target's trajectory and then fire a ballistic missile.

Moving targets are tracked by very long-range radars, long-range reconnaissance drones, and electronic surveillance systems. Achieving an accuracy of fewer than ten meters to target different targets, especially moving targets such as aircraft carriers, is an important feature.

The Emad missile can move to a very high altitude with its propulsive power and then, with the help of gravity, continue its course towards the target in the form of a free fall and then hit it with high accuracy.

"Emad" missile, as a great success of Iran's defense industry, is a different design from of "Qadr" missile, and it can be said that this missile is a kind of "Shahab-3" with a guidance system, but its conical nose is different from these two missiles.

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The Emad missile has several features that have caused concern among Israeli and US military officials after its unveiling. The first is the high speed of the Emad missile, which enables it to successfully pass through the anti-missile systems of the Zionist regime called Arrow 3 or Peykan 3 and destroy the intended targets in the occupied territories.

One of the essential capabilities of the Emad ballistic missile is the ability to pass through the anti-missile systems of the Zionist regime. These systems are designed to destroy ballistic missiles before they hit the target; However, according to the tests performed, the Emad missile can pass through them.

The second feature of this missile is a warhead, which makes it possible to maneuver and guide the warhead until it hits and destroys targets in this missile. This feature has caused the error coefficient of this missile to reach below 10 meters.

The Emad missile has created a significant leap in Iran's missile industry due to its mobile launch system carrying ready-to-launch missiles.

Also, the liquid fuel of this missile is a kind of improvement in Iran's missile engines. The Emad missile launchpad is designed to be used under any circumstances. One of the essential factors in better control and guidance of missiles is the variety of launch platforms, which is considered for this missile in a portable and fixed manner.


Cap weight: 750 kg (explosives close to 450 kg)

Effective range: 1700 km

Flight ceiling: 400 km

Guidance system: Inertial guidance with a winged cap to guide up to the moment of impact

Launch platform: fixed and portable 


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