The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces said Monday night that the Yemeni storm operation was successful and achieved its goals.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Al-Masira, Yahya Saree added: "The Yemeni storm operation targeted Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports, the Abu Dhabi oil refinery in Al-Masfa, and a number of other important and sensitive sites and facilities in the UAE."

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces said the successful operation was carried out by five ballistic and cruise missiles and a large number of UAVs.

Saree added that the Yemeni armed forces on Monday heeded their warnings to the aggressor countries about carrying out painful and hard blows in case the aggression continues.

"We also warn foreign companies, citizens residing in the UAE to stay away from sensitive sites and facilities for the sake of their lives," he said.

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces added: "We declare that if the attacks on Yemen continue, the UAE will be an insecure country."

The UAE's official news agency had earlier reported that an explosion had taken place near the Adnok oil company reservoirs before noon on Monday and another explosion had been reported near Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The UAE news agency also reported that three people were killed and six others were injured in an explosion at an oil tanker. 219