Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the current administration in the White House is repeating the same miscalculations of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein that led to his downfall.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking during the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani congratulated the beginning of the Holy Defense Week to the martyrs, warriors, and the Iranian nation who resisted well against a global conspiracy, saying: "During eight years of war with Iraq, we had bitter days and sweet days."

He added: "On September 23, 1980 morning, our air force showed great strength in the region, and the day was recorded in minds of the people and the history of sacred defense as an achievement for the air force after the Ba'athist army attacked our western and southern borders."

He stated that the United States, with all its resources, has entered into an economic war with Iran with the dollar, banking relations, relations with multinational companies, etc.

Rouhani elaborated: "Saddam had an interview in Baghdad, stressing that he would continue the interview in Ahvaz in the coming weeks. The Americans did the same. When they imposed the economic war on us, they said that we would enter Iran in a few months and that they would not see the 40th anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution."

The president went on to say: "They thought the red carpet in Mehrabad Airport was roll out for them. US President Donald Trump had told European leaders to wait for three months to witness that the Iranian system would not exist anymore and it would be overthrown. This was told to me by two European leaders. This is also an illusion and a miscalculation."

According to Rouhani, Saddam's goal was to overthrow the system, damage the country's territorial integrity, or at least break a treaty. The US goal was to overthrow the system, create unrest in the country, and destroy an agreement. Both did not achieve any of their goals. They made mistakes in all their calculations.

"As they said two years ago that we broke Iran nuclear agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the same agreement stood against them and humiliated them in the Security Council," he said, referring to the failure of the United States to restore UN sanctions on Iran.

He added: "It is unprecedented in the history of the United Nations for the Americans to refer to the Security Council, which they (the US) considered their backyard, several times. The US has drafted a resolution and made the arrangements for months. The US State Minister begged in the region and the world so that a resolution against Iran could be passed in the UN Security Council."

Rouhani said that the power and hegemony of the United States were lost, stressing: "When the United States was looking, 20 countries retreated. They did not expect 13 countries to stand against them. This is the victory and success of the great nation of Iran; like resisting 40 years ago and during the eight years of sacred defense. Today, after 40 years, this great legal, political, and diplomatic success has been achieved in the United Nations."

He noted: "The reason for this victory is only the belief and resistance of the Iranian nation. Forty years ago, people believed that we had suffered from the cruel aggressive attitude of the US against Iranians and that a foreign country had invaded our country, our territorial integrity, and our national interests at the behest of its masters." 101

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