Sistan and Baluchestan (IP): Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei stated during his weekly press conference in Sistan and Baluchestan that in the war against economic sanctions and US coercion, we will fully defend the national identity of our country.

Iran Press/Iran News: Referring to Saddam's regime, Rabiei added that Saddam's regime tore the Algerian agreement that day, and today the Trump regime did the same with JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). On that day, Saddam's regime threatened to destroy our cities and villages, and today the Trump regime threatens to destroy our cultural and civilizational centers.

The Government Spokesman also said, "Saddam's regime targeted our people with rockets and bombs that day, and today Trump has targeted the health, life, and livelihood of the people by bombing economic sanctions and assassinations."

Sacred Defense is enough for them to know that our nation will never succumb to bullying and coercion and will sooner or later bring the bullies to their knees, Rabiei noted.

The government spokesman said that today, by repelling the aggressor of economic terrorism, we will return peace and security to the country and the region, adding that if the aggressors return to their commitments, peace will definitely return to the region and the people of the region will experience safer days.

The government spokesman highlighted, "We have been at the forefront of presenting peace plans from Yemen to Syria and throughout the Persian Gulf, and in our view, there are no differences between neighbors that cannot be resolved through dialogue, provided that all governments like us are eager for peace and stop friendship with regional enemies."

Rabiee added that "If the group of neighboring countries that have joined the pressure camp against our nation takes steps for peace, they can be sure that we will take two steps."

US Government on Monday Imposes new sanctions on 27 Iranian Entities, Individuals. The Trump administration imposed the sanctions after the failure of its efforts to reinstate UN sanctions against Iran.


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