Tehran (IP)- 5 years ago today U.S. left JCPOA to serve Israeli interests, torpedoing a unique diplomatic achievement, said Iran's former foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Iran PressIran news: "With no alternative, the US has jeopardized the interests of all—especially Americans and Iranians. The outcome of abandoning shared opportunities in favor of zero-sum delusions," Zarif tweeted.

"Moderation angers extremists: we defeated that anger when the JCPOA was born in 2015. Slanderous attacks by domestic extremists continue. Now my family and I have also become the focus of malicious lies from abroad," the tweet reads.

"I spent nearly 4 decades trying to end the war, promote dialog, and contain crises. As a private citizen now, I will not allow lies, intimidation, and malicious sanctions to divert my path, Iran's former top diplomat added.

"Dialog-based on mutual respect and a readiness to listen rather than preach & accuse—is the only way out of our current national predicament. Opponents of dialog—regardless of disguise or slogans—seem to prefer violence," Zarif ended the thread.


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