Tehran (IP) - So far a various range of speedboats with different velocities and missions have been manufactured in Iran, one of which is Seraj with 70 knots.

Iran PressIran news:  Seraj is a fast, offensive rocket launcher, radar-evading speedboat made in Iran, designed for tropical climates.

Manufactured by the Marine Industries Organization of Iran's Ministry of Defense, the speedboat is made of fiberglass and equipped with advanced indigenous telecommunication and electronic navigation facilities.

Seraj was originally a native example of a British racing boat called the Blade Runner, which until then had only been used during rowing and was the fastest racing boat in its weight class.

As one of the fastest boats in the world, Blade Runner moves with a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour, and Iran, by acquiring the technology, designed, built, and operationalized a military prototype.

The fact that Iran increased its military power in marine areas with the operationalization of Seraj speedboat has made the US worried, yet the localization of the Blade Runner based on which Seraj was manufactured enhanced the concern. 

Another US concern with the production of the Seraj speedboat deals with Iran's ability to design and build reverse engineering of prototypes for the blades and thrusting surfaces, which is at the cutting edge of the world's technology.

The production of such a blade with a special alloy and design has advantages over other similar models in the world, including a 30% increase in mobility by reducing friction and thus reducing fuel consumption by 15 to 30%, resulting in economic savings.

The cabin is designed in such a way that at high speeds the noise and height change due to movement on water and are not felt much inside the cabin. Also, in stormy sea conditions, its occupants will not feel the intensity of the waves.

Seraj enjoys a stabled 107 mm 11-barrel rocket launcher, a searching marine radar with a range of about 30km, and a 12.7mm Dushka. The maximum speed of the boat is over 70 knots (130k/h), yet the defense industry organization is trying to increase the velocity up to 170km/h.

Maintaining balance at high speeds, proper operation behavior in various conditions, high engine power, as well as proper body design and construction are among the specialties of the speedboat.

Two cruise missiles have been installed on the boat, which, depending on the size of the launcher, are probably of Kowsar or Nasr series missiles.

With the addition of two missiles and the removal of rocket launchers and heavy artillery from Seraj, the weight of the speedboat may have increased to some extent and the speed may have decreased to some extent, too, but it can still be said that this boat can reach speeds of more than 100km/h.

Seraj speedboat was built in 2009 and was officially unveiled in 2010 by the Minister of Defense of the time Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi.


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