Second round of Iran's parliamentary elections commences

Tehran (IP) - The second round of elections for the 11th term of Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly to determine 10 seats began at 8 am local time on Friday.

Iran PressIran News: This round of the election will be held in 3,100 branches and 10 constituencies, and about 100,000 people will cooperate with the election headquarters.
Voting for the second round of elections of the 11th term of the Parliament will be held in all branches of constituencies of "Lanjan", "Semirom", "Karaj, Eshtehard and Ferdis", "Dehloran, Darrehshahr, Abdanan and Badreh", "Ahvaz, Bavi, Hamidiyeh and Karun "," Zanjan and Tarom "," Bijar ", "Kermanshah"," Eslamabad Gharb and Dalahou "and" Kordkoy, Turkman, Bandar-e-Gaz and Gomishan".
Due to not being infected with the coronavirus, it is mandatory for all people, including those in charge pf the ballot box, the supervisor, the candidates' representatives, the governor, and the Guardian Council, as well as the voters, to follow the health protocols, and these people must wear masks and gloves at the polling stations.
Out of 290 seats in the parliament, the status of 179 seats in the March elections was determined by vote and elections, and 11 constituencies have been drawn to the second round due to the disqualification of one of the two candidates in the Mianeh constituency in East Azerbaijan province.

The first round of the 11th parliamentary elections was held on Feb 21, 2020, and those who failed to win a majority have to face off in the second round of elections.


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