Saudi Arabia (IP) - A top opposition figure revealed that the government of Saudi Arabia was supporting the dissemination of prostitution in the Muslim country.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sa'ad Faqih, the leader of the Al-Islah Islamic Movement in Saudi Arabia elaborated on the quasi-formal prostitution that is going on in the country. 

Faqih said that information gathered from some sites and software showed there are names, photos, Saudi phone numbers, specific addresses, and famous hotels offering prostitutes and the relevant services. 

"The ruling system prosecutes reformists for just a simple tweet, but it ignores open prostitution with names and photos of the prostitutes in in the Holy Mecca," he noted. 

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Every year, at the time of Hajj, thousands of Muslims congregate to perform Islamic rituals in Mecca, a place that is known as one of the epicenters of the Islamic ummah. 

Since taking power in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman has jailed many of his opponents, including religious figures, and promoted Western culture in Muslim society. 

Prostitution and other illegitimate sexual relations, including homosexualism, are rife in Western societies or to say in other words, are a part of their culture, something that is in sheer contrast with the Islamic culture.  


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