Tehran (IP) - In a message on the occasion of Quds World Day, the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament said referendum with the participation of all religions and ethnicities in Palestinian was the only choice to solve the challenges in Palestine.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said the Iranian parliament was ready to cooperate with the assemblies of the Islamic countries and the world to establish a unified Palestinian state throughout Palestine with Al-Quds as its capital.

In his message commemorating International Quds Day, Ghalibaf said that the resistance and unity among Palestinian groups are the only options for the Palestinians in the fight against the child-killer and the Zionist usurper.

He added that the Zionists do not understand and observe human rights and democratic plans in any way, and they all must assist the Palestinian people in this holy jihad.

Ghalibaf pointed out that the balance of power in Palestine and the region is in favor of resistance, which can bring the Palestinians closer to their final and ideal step than ever before, adding that the realization of this ideal is the duty of all Palestinians and all political, resistance, popular groups, institutions of Palestine and the Islamic Ummah.

The nature and philosophy of the Zionist regime, since its establishment, by the system of domination, has been based on weakening the Muslim world and preventing the unity of the Islamic Ummah, he highlighted.

Despite attempts and pressure to normalize relations between the Zionist regime with a few numbers of Arab and Islamic rulers, he said that the Islamic Ummah, all the nations of the region, and many governments will not deviate from the liberation of Palestine and the Holy Quds ideal and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

He reiterated that undoubtedly, Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and must be governed by their will, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran has registered the democratic plan of the referendum as a political solution to the United Nations on the Palestine issue.

The existence of a jihadist and resistance spirit will be a very important key to the success of the future victories of the Palestinians and the resistance, he said.

Ghalibaf noted that first, the situation in the occupied territories today requires that all countries and international organizations fulfill their duty and responsibility to realize the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

Pointing to the Islamic Republic of Iran's full support for Palestine to ensure maximum national security in the West Asian region, he said that Iran, while supporting the resistance discourse, has simultaneously registered a referendum plan in the occupied territories with the participation of all genuine residents to determine its fate at the United Nations and is pursuing the implementation of this solution and they expect this legitimate initiative to be supported by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Inter-Parliamentary Islamic, Asian and Global Unions, and the Non-Aligned Movement as well.

He underscored that thirdly, given the conditions in the region and the world, he calls on the Islamic Parliaments to redefine their influential measures to united movement in support of the rights of the Palestinians by forming special Palestinian committees.

Governments and parliaments can seriously prioritize the legal and criminal pursuit of the Zionist regime’s crimes in international courts while seriously observing, pursuing, and documenting the crimes committed systematically and repeatedly by the Zionist regime against the oppressed Palestinians, he added.

Ghalibaf reiterated that the implementation of the resolutions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Sanctions Committee against the Zionist regime must be taken into consideration by the parliaments of Islamic countries.

The parliaments of Islamic countries are expected to oblige their governments to form an international committee of inquiry to try the war criminals of the Zionist regime in international tribunals, he concluded.