Iraqi President Barham Salih

Baghdad (IP) - Iraqi Presidential Office reacted to the recent attack of the ISIS terrorist group, announcing that it is a duty to persecute and purge the country of ISIS remnants and preserve the gains made against terrorism.

Iran PressMiddle EastBarham Salih’s office announced in a statement on Saturday the challenges ahead of Iraq requires greater solidarity and the unity of all national forces and the acceleration of the formation of a capable government to take responsibility for protecting the security, stability, and sovereignty of Iraq and the hopes of Iraqi citizens to enjoy a dignified and free life.

The ISIS terrorist group attacked the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in southern Tikrit and northern Samarra in Saladin province on Saturday morning, prompting a swift response of PMU forces.

During the clashes, 10 members of PMU were martyred and 4 others were wounded, yet a number of terrorists were killed or wounded. 

Many Iraqi politicians consider the re-activation of the ISIS remnants as an act by the US so that it could keep its troops in Iraq.

The activities of the hidden nuclei of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq have intensified in recent months due to the political problems caused by the formation of the new government, as well as the coronavirus crisis.


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