Rome (IP): Supporters of Palestine in Italy once again came to the streets to voice support for the oppressed people of the Gaza Strip and condemned US and Europe's support for the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip.

Iran PressEurope: According to Iranpress, thousands of Italians held Palestinian flags and chanted anti-Zionist slogans in Rome and Milan on Thursday evening, calling for an end to the genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Supporters of Palestine in the city of Rome, the capital of Italy, supported the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Vincenzo Brandi, an Italian Pro-Palestinian activist, told the Iranpress correspondent in Rome: "We are protesting for the liberation of Palestine and against the genocide in Gaza."

This Italian activist added: "April 25th in Italy is the day of Italian resistance and the liberation of our country from Nazi-fascism in 1945, but in addition to the celebration of freedom, we must also support the oppressed people of Gaza and the Palestinian resistance."

Vincenzo Brandi further stated: "Palestinians today are the most oppressed nation in the world, who live under the military occupation of Israel and are massacred by the Zionists in Gaza and the West Bank."

This supporter of Palestine also emphasized: "We also thank the countries that firmly stand by the Palestinian people. Such as Yemen's Houthis, Lebanon's Hezbollah, Syria, and especially Iran, which today is more than any other country in the forefront of supporting the Palestinian people and anti-Zionists."

"Israel is a fascist and a terrorist regime", "Murdering Zionists", "Free Palestine", "Intifada", and "We are all anti-Zionist" were among the slogans of the supporters of Palestine in the anti-Israel demonstrations.

A group of Italian Jews who support Palestine took part in this anti-Israel demonstration holding handwritten notes with the theme "I am an anti-Zionist Jew".

This demonstration was held under strict security measures. 204

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