Tehran (IP) - Iran's presidential candidate Mostafa Pourmohammadi in the last round of televised debate outlined his plans for the economy and the efficiency of the government.

Iran PressIran news: Mostafa Pourmohammadi, in his response to the raised question at the televised debate, said: "More than 70% of people have economic concerns."

"The infrastructure of economic growth is embedded in production, and the production index is the capital market and stock exchange. In the 13th administration, the stock market had a serious recession. In the past, we had 4 million stock market participants, but this number has reached below 200 thousand people," he added.

He noted: "The presence of the government in the stock market has taken away the possibility of competition. I think the conflict of interest should be eliminated. Devaluation has created widespread rent-seeking. Within a year, the stock market would rise significantly."

Addressing the people, the candidate for the presidential election emphasized: If anyone wants to understand the state of the economy, they should look at the stock market. Any other sign is unprofessional, and slogan. Our effort is that in the future government, the stock market will be a clear and transparent indicator as well as a report on the plan and the future of Iran's economy.

Pourmohammadi said: Several solutions should be applied in this field; One is the stability of variables in the economy, such as bank interest rates, refinery feed rates, and tariff rates, until these things are fixed, production, the capital market, and the stock market will not lead to prosperity.