Meta's Twitter competitor is off to a strong start.

Iran PressSci & Tech: Threads has drawn more than 23 million sign-ups since its launch Wednesday night, according to badges that show up on Instagram when people join the new app.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Threads drew 10 million sign-ups in seven hours. And while that's still far below the user bases of major social networks, including Twitter and Instagram, it's a number that gives the new platform an immediate momentum, NBC News reported.

Still, it's far from a sure thing that Threads will ever become bigger or more embedded in news and culture than Twitter.

"It's easy to get a bunch of people to sign up," Instagram head Adam Mosseri said in a bleary-eyed video posted from what appeared to be his bed. "It's hard to build something people want to keep using. Quite the first day."

Threads is still a very simple platform lacking many of the features of Twitter, such as direct messaging. It also only shows people a feed of posts recommended by the app.

Mosseri said on Threads in a series of responses to people that “lots of basics” were missing but are in development, including a feed of only people a user follows. Search and hashtags are also in the works.


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