Libya asked the ambassadors of the United States, the UK, France and Italy to leave the country because of their support for the Zionist regime.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In a statement, the Libyan Parliament asked the government to refrain from exporting oil and gas to these four countries if the attacks of the Israeli regime on Gaza Strip continue.

The Libyan Parliament further asked the Israeli regime to end its attacks on Gaza immediately.

The Libyan Parliament condemned the actions of the United States, the UK, France and Italy in supporting the crimes of the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip and demanded an urgent meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

In the past 24 hours, 756 Palestinians, including 344 children were killed in Israeli strikes, the ministry said.

The ministry said “the massacres took place on the southern region of the Gaza strip.”

Talking about the health system, the ministry said the attacks targeted and damaged 57 institutions, and that 73 medical staff were killed and 25 ambulances were now out of service, Reuters reported. 


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6,546 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza, including 2,704 children