Tehran (IP) - The BRICS Meeting started on July 24 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has previously applied for BRICS membership, is one of the important guests of this meeting.

Iran PressCommentary: Ali Akbar Ahmadian, the Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council(SNSC), in addition to participating and delivering a speech at the meeting of BRICS friends, will also meet with a number of his counterparts on the sidelines of this meeting.

The process of economic and industrial developments of BRICS members shows that the basis of movement and the intellectual foundation of the formation of this group as an emerging organization in order to play a role in the future multipolar world and to challenge the current order ruling the international system. Now 22 countries have officially applied for BRICS membership and 22 other countries have expressed interest in joining the alliance.

Iran is one of the first countries to request membership in the BRICS group, but the BRICS member states have not yet fully specified their criteria for new members; Factors such as gross domestic product (GDP), population, area, natural resource reserves, political and security role in the region and the world, and the relationship with BRICS member states are among the criteria for accepting a new member in BRICS. So far, all BRICS members have supported and welcomed Iran's membership in this alliance, and especially China and Russia have emphasized the need for new countries to join, and they consider Iran to be one of the countries with the potential to contribute in this economic group.

For the Islamic Republic of Iran, which recently became a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, joining BRICS is a new step in strengthening political and commercial relations with regional organizations. Due to having half of the world population and between 25 and 28% of the global economic capacity, as well as rich human and natural resources, the BRICS group has a high potential to influence the global economy. For this reason, the BRICS group can be considered a good place and opportunity for Iran, which is under the unilateral economic sanctions of the United States.

Meanwhile, Iran's membership as one of the major energy suppliers can also play a vital role for BRICS; Also, the unique geographical location of Iran and its capacities in transit and trade are among the components that are of interest to BRICS member states.   Among other important benefit of joining BRICS, especially for Iran and Russia, which are subject to Western sanctions, is the de-dollarization or putting aside dollar as the standard currency of international trade and the establishment of the BRICS Bank, which is called the "New Development Bank"(NDB). Described as a multinational development bank, this bank has a payment notification system that is an alternative to SWIFT.

Joining BRICS can strengthen Iran's role in the world

In general, Iran joining BRICS can be a positive and effective step towards strengthening Iran's role in the world; Joining BRICS can both help de-escalate regional tensions and increase the international bargaining power of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Tehran can also use the capacities and opportunities of this group for its economic, political and cultural development.

Ebrahim Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stated earlier in the video conference summit meeting of the leaders of the BRICS countries hosted by China in June 2022:

Conflicting global trends, unilateralism, nationalistic preferences and challenges such as sanctions and coercive economic measures make it necessary to create and strengthen new institutions alongside the United Nations so that, while respecting the sovereignty and national interests of countries, an important step can be taken to realize a "human society with a common future."


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