Bandar Abbas (IP) - 340 warships and combat support ships were added to the IRGC navy in Bandar Abbas.

Iran PressIran News: 340 combat vessels and combat support ships were joined to the IRGC navy fleet in the presence of Major General Bagheri, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Salami, Chief Commander of the IRGC, Rear Admiral Tangsiri, Commander of the IRGC Navy and another group of state and military officials in Bandar Abbas.

According to the IRGC Navy Public Relations, these vessels will join the IRGC Naval Combat Battalion with the ability to carry and fire a variety of missiles and rockets and support diving operations.

These light, fast, and offensive vessels were built in the centers affiliated with the IRGC navy in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense.


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