Tehran (IP) - The Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) says that Muslim unity, particularly in Arbaeen, indicates that they are united and no one can create a rift between them.

Iran PressIran news: While attending Arbaeen rituals, Hussein Salami stated in response to Iran Press: "The surge of the crowd in Iran and Iraq from various countries proves the deep and growing unity among Muslims.

Salami described the event as a “very gratifying and moving one,” adding: "In recent years, in spite of the arrogant powers and Takfiri groups' efforts to create a division between Muslims, they get more united."

"Muslims from different countries, including India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, and other countries in the world, convened against the arrogant powers," stressed Commander Salami.

The IRGC chief went on to conclude that the ties and togetherness are growing stronger day by day in people's hearts and feelings.


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