Kazakhstan (IP) - The Archbishop of the Kyrgyz Church says religious and moral issues can lead to the unity and coexistence of the world's people.

Iran PressAsia: Speaking to Iran Press on the sidelines of the 7th Congress of Leaders of World, Traditional Religions, Mikail Kayratov said that the event was a place to discuss about the history of different religions and cultures.

Bishop Kayratov stressed that the representatives of religions speak with different opinions and languages about religion, morality, godliness, peace, and cooperation, and it is very useful.

The representatives of religions spoke in different languages and opinions about religion, morality, worshipping God, peace, and cooperation, an issue that was very useful.

The Head of Iran's Organization of Islamic Culture and Relations recalled that the need of today's humans for religion was more tangible than ever, noting that what was important was the restoration of the religious leaders' social capital in different societies.


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