Tehran (IP) - A large number of people attended at Imam Hossein (AS) square, in Tehran, calling for observing hijab as a dress code in Islamic society.

Iran PressIran news: The women and men who attended this ceremony put emphasis on observing hijab as a dress code in society. 

Those present at the gathering called on the administration, the parliament, and the judiciary to monitor the status of observing the dress code in society.

July 12, in the Iranian calendar, was named Hijab Day.

About 100 years ago this day, a demonstration was held in the "Goharshad" Mosque in Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Mashhad the capital of Khorasan Razavi Province, to protest the prohibition of the hijab by the UK-supported "Reza Shah Pahlavi". 

On that day, the Pahlavi troops opened fire on the protesters.

Estimations showed that about 4,000 people were shot dead because they sought to protect their dress code, hijab.