Tehran (IP) – The strongest men's national team of Iran left Tehran for the UAE international competitions on Wednesday morning.

Iran PressIran News: Hours before the Iranian national team left for Dubai; a ceremony was held to see them off.

The champions, veterans and federation officials were present at the ceremony.

As of Friday, 12 Iranian national team members will compete in international competitions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to win a quota to participate in world professional competitions.

In an interview with Iran Press about the UAE international competitions, the Head of the Iranian Strongest Men National Team, Hassan Karbasi, stated: "The Iranian national team has undergone a one-month training camp under the supervision of the technical staff, and it is expected that in the upcoming competitions, 7 national team members would gain the necessary points to participate in world professional competitions and win the gold medal."

The Head Coach of the Iranian Strongest Men National Team, Babak Ghazbani, also told Iran Press: "The items that are to be performed in the UAE international competitions have been simulated for the national team members to compete with more readiness, and they have a chance to win medals in two weights."


In this ceremony, the Head of Iran's Bodybuilding Federation, Abdolmehdi Nasirzadeh, also noted in an interview with Iran Press that Iran's national team had always won medals in international competitions and had introduced many champions to the world.

The UAE international tournament will be held on June 26 and 27 in Dubai.


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