Tehran (IP) - All authorised and unlicensed Afghan and Pakistani nationals residing in Iran can vaccinate their children free for vaccine-preventable diseases.

Iran PressIran news: Despite the cruel and unilateral US sanctions, Iran has not only been able to meet the pharmaceutical and health needs of its people, but also to serve the citizens of other countries.

The World Health Organization has named Iran as a model and a large country that has managed to eliminate measles despite its infected neighbors.

According to the Iran press news agency; Mohsen Zahraei, head of the vaccine-preventable diseases department at Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education, said concerns about the spread of measles were growing as the Afghan population grew.

Zahraei said that Afghans are not returning at the moment due to concerns about their illegal presence in Iran and fear of being deported to their country, and also because they are not sure that the vaccination program will be free. Afghans and Pakistanis can vaccinate their children against measles and other diseases by visiting all health centers, regardless of whether they are allowed or not to stay in Iran.


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