Tehran (IP) - Iran's Parliament will host the meeting of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly's (APA) Budget and Planning Committee on July 10 and 11 with the participation of delegations from 21 member states of the Asian body.

Iran PressIran News:  Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bahrain, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iraq, Indonesia, Lebanon, China, Qatar, Syria, Kuwait, India, APA Secretariat, Russia, Vietnam, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Arab Parliament, and Azerbaijan will attend the meeting of the Asian Parliaments Assembly. 

In addition to APA members, the head of the Foreign Relations Commission and the Vice-Chairman of the Russian Duma will come to Tehran.

Still, a group of 5 representatives from Turkiye are reported to take part in the meeting. 

The Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) aims to promote peace in general and in the Asian region in particular.

The APA consisted, as of 2007, of 41 Member Parliaments and 17 observers. Each Member of Parliament has a specific number of seats in the Assembly based on the size of their population.

The number of total seats, and therefore, the number of votes, is currently 206. Members of the Assembly must be elected by members of the Member Parliaments. The APA Charter and Tehran Declaration lay out a framework of cooperation among Asian countries, and point out a vision; that is Asian Integration.


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